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Will Gurus was created to uncomplicate an incredibly daunting task to many—navigating the legal waters of making a will and planning your estate.

Why should you choose Will Gurus?


Service is our #1 priority and we are invested in your success.

You can expect a relationship with us that includes ongoing communication.

Your wishes are upheld

We never blindly hand you a stack of documents.

You will fully understand and feel comfortable with your completed plan.

Meaning, not money

Our Estate Plans are about meaning, not just money.

We listen to you and build a plan based on your values, causes, and beliefs.

Meet your attorney, Jason….

Jason Baril the founder of Will Gurus
Jason Baril, J.D.
Will Gurus Founder

Jason Baril (aka JKB) is the founder of Will Gurus. With decades of experience in running successful law practices, Jason holds incredible insights into maximizing value for his clients.

After graduating from Oklahoma City University School of Law with multiple awards, Jason began his law career in criminal defense as a partner at Ogle Elrod & Baril. Growing the practice into a nationwide name, the firm would diversify into additional practice areas such as social security disability.

From there, Jason moved into personal injury law as a Partner at Betz and Baril. The firm focuses on auto accidents and mass tort cases where many people are injured by a product or service. Cases receiving national attention include the continued Roundup litigation, hernia mesh, and 3M earplugs provided to our men and women in uniform.

Jason is also a Partner at the Disability Advantage Group, a social security advocacy group focused on helping maximize the amount clients receive from the Social Security Administration. 

He utilizes decades of experience in many areas of the law as the founder of Will Gurus. He is passionate about service and helping people secure their futures with solid estate plans.

When Jason isn’t working, look for him on the pickleball court. He loves the sport so much, he created a YouTube channel dedicated to pickleball. (Check it out here!)

Meet your Estate Planning Supervisor, Bailyn….

Bailyn is Jason’s right-hand woman and the person that keeps Will Gurus running smoothly.

Although her title is Estate Planning Supervisor, Bailyn wears many hats. She helps manage cases, assist clients with their concerns, and is the friendly voice on the phone you’ll hear when you call us. 

But it’s not just our team that she’s there for. Her heart is for clients. 

Nothing gives Bailyn more satisfaction than solving the issues our clients need help with and giving them peace of mind. She brings immense value to our team through her management skills and assisting everyone who walks through our door. 

In fact, she is so passionate about helping people with their assets that she is studying to become an attorney! 

A favorite client story: “A client was so grateful for our services that they brought in a big cooler full of ice cream from the ice cream shop they owned for everyone at the office! It made everyone’s day!”

When Bailyn isn’t hard at work, you can find her participating in local political campaigns. She also enjoys being outside with her dog, on hikes, or just for a walk. 

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” -Ronald Reagan

Bailyn Pierce
Bailyn Pierce

Will Gurus founder Jason Baril playing pickleball

Our Knoxville Attorneys are here to help you create your vision of an ideal tomorrow

Services we provide:

It all starts with a free conversation

We are here to make wills and estate planning accessible to all. Our approach is transparent and straightforward, with flat rates and a no-charge initial consultation.

We work to understand our clients’ vision for tomorrow and then can recommend which legal tools would provide the framework to ensure that happens.

Contact us at (865) 666-6175 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation today.

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Will Gurus

Start planning your journey with our experienced team

We built our team on trust. Trust means delivering what you say you’ll do, no matter what. With professionalism and skill, we take the burden of wills and estate planning off your shoulders so you can focus on the here and now. Contact us at (865) 666-6175 to schedule a free no-obligation consultation today.
5 Elements of a foolproof estate plan
5 Elements of a foolproof estate plan

5 Elements of a Foolproof Estate Plan

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